Data Source Manager (Free!)

Now in public Preview!

The Data Source Manager is a FREE Add-in for Microsoft Access to help user and developers manage linked tables in Access. The Data Source Manager is a major enhancement over the legacy Linked Table Manager and unlike our original Data Source Manager, there are no ActiveX controls to register.

The Data Source Manager is compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Access 2010 and later.

This is an early preview so please use the contact form or email us to report anything that doesn’t work or looks odd.

Manage Your Linked Tables

The AccessUI Data Source Manager allows you to see all you external data source grouped in a hierarchical tree. You can quickly relink all tables in a source or drill down to a single table.

Edit your connection

With the Data Source Manager you can edit any ODBC connection string keyword without effecting any of the other keywords. You can also past in a complete connection sting, then let the Data Source Manager parse out each keyword.

Add Table to Exising Connection

With just a few click of a mouse, you can add tables from an existing connection. You can also add new links to Access, a DNS or a DNS-Less connection.