AccessUI VBA TaskDialog

VBA Class Implementation of TaskDialog for Microsoft Access

This VBA TaskDialog class for Microsoft Access lets you add modern dialogs to your application with just a few lines of code. It was based on version 1.0 of fafalone's VB6 class implementation found on VBForums here.

You may integrate, modify and deploy this class in your own applications as long as the credits are left intact.

Custom Buttons

With a TaskDialog you are not limit to the standard OK/Cancel and Yes/No buttons.

Command Buttons

TaskDialogs also support Command Buttons to give your application a more modern look.

Radio Buttons

There is also support for adding Radio Buttons to the dialog.


Hyperlinks can be added to the body and footer of the dialog.

Verifcation in Footer

With a verification button you can force your users to confirm they want to continue.


The TaskDialog also supports an expander that you can display additional text in the body or footer.

Input Box

This class implementation of the TaskDialog supports a simple input box.

Combo Box

There is also a combo box that can be configured to allow a user to enter their own value if not in the list.

Custom Icons

You can load your own custom icons from MsysResources or from disk.

Button Icons

Those custom buttons can also be added to buttons...

Command Button Icons

... and to command buttons.

Progress Bar

A pause-able, cancelable progress bar is also supported.

Date/Time Picker

The data time picker can be configured to prompt for date, time or both.

  • Access 2013
  • Access 2016
  • Access 2019
  • Access Office 365
  • VBA TaskDialog has only been tested with ACCDB. There are no current plans to support MDB file formats.

    Download VBA TaskDialog