Ribbon & Tree Builder Pro Version

The free version of the AccessUI Ribbon & Tree Builder is an Add-in for Microsoft Access that will allow you to quickly build ribbons from within Access, without having to learn XML markup. The free version will also allow you to test building native treeviews to provide data navigation for your application. Until December 31, 2019, the free version will work just like the Pro version, but at the beginning of the year, only 10 rows of data will display at the root node and each child node.

In addition to the Ribbon features of free version, the Pro version has enhanced Ribbon capabilities such as building elements with many levels, such as Menus and Split Buttons. The Pro version also has the ability to automatically build the VBA callback signatures. Ribbons created before December 31, 2019 will continue to work in your application as long as you don’t rebuild the Ribbon from the free version of the Add-in. The Pro version removes the 10 node restriction on the treeviews.

The Ribbon & Tree Builder will work with ACCDB format databases on Access 2010 or later, and supports 32 and 64 bit installs of Access. You can distribute Ribbons and treeviews in your database created with the Ribbon & Tree Builder royalty-free.

A single developer license of the AccessUI Ribbon & Tree Builder costs $129USD including a year of updates, three simultaneous activations and 30-day Money Back Guarantee. After the first year, your apps will work just fine, however you won’t be able to activate newer versions of the Add-in. All version of the Add-in released before the end of the update year will continue to work. We plan to offer additional years of support for a price TBD. (Likely $29-$39USD)

Summary of Ribbon & Tree Builder Pro Version Features

Ribbon Creation
Build multi-level Ribbon Elements - Menus and Split Buttons
Automatically build VBA callback signatures
Import existing Ribbons
Create Backstage items
Potential Future Feature
Context menus builder
Potential Future Feature
Treeview Navigation
No limits to the number of nodes
Option to build the tree dynamically (on demand)
Option to build the complete tree
Option to build the tree recursively
Complex Treeviews (multiple queries)
Custom icons on each level
Potential Future Feature